Why Choose Us

we are the best hotel in kagera region

the home of liquours

Bars and restaurants for refreshment Internal bar – the bar that found inside the hotel this bar provide services for 24 hours seven days External bar – the bar that found outside of the hotel, it is constructed at swimming pool area. Our food services are provided freely for our lodgers and for non – lodger’s services are provided according to the order within 42 minutes, enjoying byte while waiting for food he/she ordered..


Is the only swimming pool Hotel in Bukoba for lodgers customers service is free and for non – lodgers customers cost is Tsh. 4,000/= for adult and children is Tsh. 2,000/= Free internet to our customer inside and outside of the hotel (all environment surrounding our hotel) Conference hall for meeting, weeding and other ceremonies.


Emergency generators are installed in hotels to prevent hazards associated with loss of municipal electric power supplies. The reliability of electric power supplies for Fire and Life Safety systems is critical. In a hotel, the automatic power transfer switches that transfer the electricity source to the emergency generator, are timed to provide electric power to fire and life safety loads within 10 seconds and to standby loads within 60 seconds of loss of municipal power supply.

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hellow everyone we are officially launching the bcdstella hotel website .the website was developed by a young tallented tanzanians,they call themselves LIYOZ COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY.The website consists all major informations you need to know concerning our hotels